About us

Here at Gray Friar we understand the importance of fear as a tool for motivation, we are dedicated to providing answers to things that disturb you at night. When you hear something bump in the night, you can rely on us to tell you what that was, if you woke up with let’s say sleep paralysis this morning and think that a dark force was behind the incident you can find answers here.

Fear is a primitive instinct that has kept human kind from going extinct; imagine this, what if you felt no fear? What would keep you from jumping off a bridge or standing in front of a moving train? When something scares you your adrenaline goes up; your strength increases; your senses heighten, and you get a sudden boost of energy.

That’s why most of us enjoy reading or watching scary things; another thing is horror stories allow us to explore the unknown. Curiosity is a major aspect of being human, look at it this way, it got us to the moon, it drove us to invent modern technology, etc.

This means that curiosity drives us to explore the paranormal or things that are unknown.

Ever wonder why most horror movies claim that they are based on real life incidents? This is a marketing gimmick that is designed to arouse your curiosity because you want to know what happened in detail.

There is also the issue of boredom; horror stories will keep your mind occupied for very long periods of time, meaning that reading horror stories is a good way to combat boredom.

The truth is you get to truly know yourself when you are scared if you don’t test your courage you may never reach your goals. Therefore we are here to scare you into reaching your goals.

Our horror stories

Good always triumphs over evil; this means that horror stories can help you triumph over your challenges. For instance take a story about dragons; we all know that dragons don’t exist. But when you read a story about a scary dragon at the end you will learn that the dragon can be defeated. Relate this to real life, in your life; there are “dragons” that you have to defeat e.g. find a job or reach your goals.

What reading our stories will do is give you hope that you can slay the monsters, dragons or demons in your life. We scour the internet and other archives to bring you stories that matter. We have a three-level system here research, analyze, and share. We won’t impose our opinion on things on you. Instead, we will share our stories and let you make up your mind, the remarkable thing about dealing with horror is the truth is in the eyes of the beholder.

Got any questions, comments or stories that you want to learn more about? Contact us today; let us help you slay the monsters that keep you up at night.