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Be careful what you pray for...

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These tortured tales represent the desperate prayers of shattered people.

Among them you will find:  a man who is haunted by the sound of sentient alarms, a psychologically damaged brother and sister whose union produces something much worse than simple dread, a group of men whose childhood sins have mutated into something monstrous aboard an old stone boat, a possibly cursed dying woman who goes in search of one last taste of passion before cancer claims her…

External terror meets inner dread and the afterlife may just be a place where all our past mistakes solidify and turn on us like a pack of ravening dogs. These bleak offerings will reveal the darkness that dwells at the core of modern existence, where society is a forgotten notion, religion is a dirty word, love lies bleeding in the gutter, and everyone must face their demons alone.

Kneeling at the altar of broken hearts, you will learn that sometimes it is better if our prayers remain unanswered.

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"All too real human despair and surreal darkness permeates the magical prose that McMahon uses to create these tales of blood-curdling madness and supernatural horror. Each story in itself is a surprising gem that oozes with such shocking originality and poetic writing that this collection is a must have for any horror aficionado."
Joe Kroeger, from 'Horror World' review


introduction by Joel Lane

Psalm #1

1. Do Not Be Alarmed
2. Unicorn
3. The Bungalow People
4. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
5. The Dead Kid
6. Estate of the Nation
7. The Man in the Chimney
8. The Forgotten Prisoner

Psalm #2

9. Smother
10. New Science
11. A Grown Woman
(Original Version)
12. Borrowed Times
13. My Burglar
14. Incommunicado
15. My Name Is
16. Comeback

Psalm #3

17. Pray Dirty
18. To Invocate His Aid
19. The In-between
20. Like a Stone
21. Out on a Limb
22. The Forever Doll
23. Raise Your Hands
24. Day of the Mask
25. Face the Strange

Psalm #4

cover by Vincent Chong


Trade paperback; limited (300 copies); ISBN 0955092272
signed by Gary McMahon (all copies) and Joel Lane (first 100 copies)

UK, £7.99 + £1.50 P&P
USA, $16 + $6 P&P (airmail)
Europe, €12 + €5 P&P (airmail)
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