the true home of british horror

edited by PAUL FINCH

Wales – ‘Land of my Fathers’, cradle of poetry, song and mythic rural splendour. But also a scene of oppression and tragedy, where angry spirits stalk castle and coal mine alike, death-knells sound amid fogbound peaks, and dragons stir in bottomless pools …

The headless spectre of Kidwelly
The sea terror off Anglesey
The soul stealer of Porthcawl
The blood rites at Abergavenny
The fatal fruit of Criccieth
The dark serpent of Bodalog
The Christmas slaughter at Llanfabon

And many more chilling tales by Stephen Volk, Tim Lebbon, Simon Clark, Priya Sharma, John Llewellyn Probert and other award-winning masters and mistresses of the macabre.

Cover artwork by Neil Williams

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Under the Windings of the Sea by Ray Cluley

Legions of Ghosts

Old as the Hills by Steve Duffy

The Beast of Bodalog

The Druid’s Rest by Reggie Oliver

Night of the Bloody Ape

Swallowing a Dirty Seed by Simon Clark

The Devil Made Him Do It

The Face by Thana Niveau

Hoof-beats in the Mist

Don’t Leave Me Down Here by Steve Lockley

The Werewolf of Clwyd

Matilda of the Night by Stephen Volk

The Goblin Stone

The Sound of the Sea by Paul Lewis

A Quick Pint and a Slow Hanging

The Flow by Tim Lebbon


The Offspring by Steve Jordan

Prophecy of Fire

Dialled by Bryn Fortey

The Dark Heart of Magnificence

The Rising Tide by Priya Sharma

The Hag Lands

Apple of their Eyes by Gary Fry

Beneath the Sea of Wrecks

Learning the Language by John Llewellyn Probert


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