The Paranormal


When it comes to horror the line between fiction and real-life is very thin, look at it from this perspective, bad things happen on the planet some are explainable, and others go unexplained. Here at gray friar, our goal is to make sure that you are updated on what is happening in the paranormal, and in the real world.

You see the thing is demons and ghosts are one thing, but our fellow men commit true horrors. Men who do horrific things that will make you question humanity.

When you read these tales of horror, you will learn the importance of always locking your door and keeping a lookout for things that are “out of the ordinary.”


Most of us believe that there is life after death, but what happens when your spirit doesn’t get to the other side? It remains here, and it can do bad things. Take the Tower of London for example; it is said that the tower is the most haunted place in London. People who go there experience events that border on the paranormal.

Do you know that feeling you get when you are all alone in your home or bed? Sometimes you feel that something or someone is watching you. According to people who study the paranormal, if you wake up in the middle of the night anywhere from twelve to three am, it’s probably because someone or entity was looking at you.

Some say that when a ghost looks at you, you get chills and you wake up. But that just hears say, so there is no need to sleep with the lights on tonight.


Religion tells us that it is good and evil, if you check the bible or any religious book that you may have, you will discover that there are forces out there that you don’t want to mess with.

The difference between ghosts and demons is ghosts are human souls trapped on the planet. Demons, on the other hand, are angels who rebelled against God; they were cast down here for only one purpose, to drag you to hell. So be good.

Love for Horror Stories

Horror stories and mysteries are always so challenging to the human mind. Through exploring the world invisible with our own naked eyes, we somehow feed our unending curiosity. Some think that paranormal activities are just a cause of playful mind or perhaps a delusional phenomenon in our mind that needs checking by a professional psychologist.

All we know is that explorations to the world unknown to humanity also requires a perfect combination of careful scientific and religious strategy. There are yet no explanations for some paranormal experiences which few people have encountered. Not that we are trying to be Ghostbusters here, but we all know that because of our curiosity to the mysteries behind ghost stories, it could also affect our minds.

Regardless of what it can cause emotionally to a person – extreme paranormal experiences might lead to unstable emotional distress, trauma, depression, or stress says Vancouver psychologist Dr. Paul James. That’s the thing that makes everything so excited about unraveling ghost mysteries… it can be dangerous too.

Real-life horrors

We live in one of the most violent times in human history, every day you wake up there is a possibility that you may run into a serial killer, terrorist or very, very bad men. Our role here is to inform you what’s happening out there and to tell you what you can do to keep yourself safe; all that sounds creepy, right? Don’t worry we got you.

Take a deep breath changes your pants if you have to and put on a little smile because we are here to entertain you, scare you and to make you look at the world in different light. Trust me we got you covered, and we are always watching. Oh did I mention aliens?

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact us today.…

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The McPherson Tape


The McPherson Tape, this is not a tale of ghosts and demons this is an alien tale that will terrify you to the core, picture this, it is your five-year-old daughter’s birthday, and you are celebrating with your family and friends at home. After a brief period, the electricity goes out.

As the man of the house, you have to go and check what caused the outage, when you look at the fuse box you find that it has burnt out. So you decide to take a friend go outside and find the real culprit, outside you notice that there a sparks coming out of a transformer near your home as you get closer to the transformer you see a bright flash of red lights.

Upon further inspection, you realize that those bright lights are coming from a spacecraft that has landed near the transformer and it has occupants. You try to hide but unfortunately the tall ghostly figures see you. What do you do, like all mammals your first reaction will be to run home for safety, the problem is the terrifying creatures follow you home. That’s when it hits you, now you, your family and guests are in real trouble all you have to protect yourself with is a shotgun.

There is only one thing to do, run, the problem is the car won’t start because the battery has melted. And the aliens have surrounded your home, meaning that you have no option to barricade your home and hope that the creatures leave you alone. Your family is terrified, everyone is talking, and the aliens are attempting to get in. The worst part is, knowing that there is no help coming. You can guess what happens next. The creatures break in and the tape goes black, no one truly knows what happened next.

What makes this tape genuinely scary is the people on camera are genuinely horrified, there is no script and the beings in the tape appear to be real. Oh, there is also the fact that the McPherson family has never been since that incident.

The tape was remade in 1998 by dick Clark productions for the CW network, today finding the full original video is difficult. But you can find sections of it on the internet if you want to see for yourself.

It is easy to dismiss this as just another alien abduction conspiracy. But think about it, there are over one hundred billion, stars in our galaxy alone, meaning that there are lots of planets out there. If you check project “BLUE BOOK” (a US catalog that contains 10,000 UFO and extraterrestrial reports from 1940-1970, you will find that there are events that can’t be explained.

Therefore when you go to bed at night, look out your window and try to think about what might be out there. Now I am not telling you that the video is 100% proof that this family was abducted, you watch the video and make up your mind.…

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Anneliese Emily Rose

Emily Rose

Picture this, you are walking down a dimly lit corridor all alone, suddenly a dark figure appears in front of you knocks you to the ground and starts to drag you by your leg towards the dark section of the corridor. You try to scream; your voice doesn’t come out. You try to struggle; you notice that the figure is stronger than you thus you are at its mercy.

The scariest thing you can ever experience is the feeling of hopelessness e.g. when you know something bad is about to happen to you, and you understand that there is nothing you can do to save yourself.

Have you ever gone to bed and had a nightmare that made you change the way you view things? Or have you ever experienced sleep paralysis? If you have, you understand how scary it is to know that there are things in the night that have more power than you.

In my opinion, the scariest horror stories come from the Bible, a good example of this is the story about the torment of the job. In the story God baits Satan into a bet, the bet requires Satan to torment job (a person who is considered to be the godliest man on earth) into denouncing God.  So Satan gets to it, the first thing Satan does is, he takes away job’s property and flock through job’s enemies. That doesn’t work so he moves to the next thing; Satan collapses a house and kills job’s children. Still, a job doesn’t curse God, what you can learn from this story is God, and Satan are not enemies.

In fact, Satan is referred to as the “accuser” or the “deceiver,” whose role is to torment and deceive you into evil. The thing is the Bible describes God as the alpha and omega; this means that he knows all that has happened and all that will happen. Reflect on that for a while.

That aside let’s talk about the exorcisms, real exorcism such as the case of Anneliese Emily Rose. This is a true story that inspired one of the scariest movies ever, why? The story brings in two things that most of us a scared off; the first thing is demons and the second is the knowledge that something can take hold of your body and control you like a puppet.

It is a said that Emily suffered from epilepsy, and died of malnutrition and dehydration. But what if there is more to this story than meets the eye, what if the priest was right and Emily was possessed by a demon? What does that mean for the rest of us?

The thing is Annelies herself believed that she was possessed by Lucifer, Nero, Judas Iscariot, Hitler and a disgraced priest named Fleischmann. As a consequence of this she did very weird things, for instance, it is said that one time she crawled under the table and barked like a dog for two days; it is also claimed that she bit off the head of a dead bird. The story of Emily Rose either proves that demons exist or shows what might happen when we let our judgment of reality blind us.

Whatever you chose to believe is up to you all I can tell you is there is more to life than what you see.…

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Horror Stories

Horror stories

There are stories that you tell your kids at night; these are the ones that you don’t tell them. We are here to tell you stories that will open up your mind and force you to look at reality in a different way. We have creepy ghost stories, urban legends as famous as the Satan sphinx, terrifying monsters, deranged murderers and on top of all of that, chilling true homegrown stories some of which may have happened in your neighborhood or maybe in your home.

Urban legends

Hoaxes, rumors, viral images when something happens we are your primary source of information. I know urban legend are defined as second-hand tales that inspire fear that maybe true or false, but according to research 40% of what you hear through rumor mills are true.

Think about it someone saw something told someone else, who told everyone else.

Heard of the “red mist”? This is an urban legend that turned “sponge bob square pants” from a normal Saturday morning cartoon into a symbol of horror. The story goes that an imprisoned Scottish animator who previously worked on the show created an episode which he intended to pass off as the season four premiere episode.

What was different about the episode was it showed the death of Squidward, to make this worse the video is also said to contain real pictures of humans getting decapitated. What’s even scarier about this urban legend is the victims shown in the tape were murdered by the animator himself Andrew Skinner. He was arrested and charged with the crime.

Creepy stories

There are true stories out there that will make you pray at night wishing that they made belief, the thing is reality is scarier than fiction because deep inside you know that something similar can happen to you.

For instance, do you know why the number 0888-888888 was discontinued? If you don’t, you should be aware that the number was discontinued because everyone who was assigned the number died. There is also a story that comes from Japan that may make you search your home thoroughly tonight.

The story goes that a man suspected that someone was stealing stuff from his kitchen, so he set up a security camera. The next day while looking at the footage he saw something shocking, it revealed that someone was living in his cupboard. To make it more frightening, the woman had been living there for a whole year.

Real horrors

There are things that human beings do to each other that will make you want to build a space ship and escape the planet. Acts of terror, serial killers, creepy clowns and terrifying tales that will keep you up at night, the world is a bad place. This means that the best way to stay safe is to know what’s truly going on out there if you don’t well you might find yourself in a “situation.”

Don’t forget the important thing is always to keep a lookout on what’s happening around you.…

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Life After Death

Life after death

Is there life after death? Religion tells us there is, on the other hand, people like Stephen Hawking tells us that when you die, that’s the end of it i.e. you fade into nothingness. What do you believe? If you chose to go the hawking way, then what’s the point of living if you know that your life means nothing?

A famous Einstein quote reads ”science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind” in my opinion you should not be so quick to dismiss religious people for their beliefs, why? Before Christianity came into the picture all groups of people on the planet had their own version of God or gods, what’s common about all these stories is they all claim that there is an afterlife.

The only way to prove the existence on an afterlife is for one to die, meaning that the question is there an afterlife can only be answered when you yourself die. There are people on the planet who have died and come back to life; these people experienced something known as a “Near Death Experience”. The scariest near death experiences come from people who claim that they went to hell when they died. A famous example is the case of Mathew Botsford.

Mathew Botsford

This is one of those stories that will make you rethink every aspect of your existence, what happened is Mathew got shot in the head while standing outside of a restaurant in Atlanta.  On his way to hospital he is said to have died three times, in his words he says that he remembered feeling a pain that felt like a hot needle being drilled into his skull.

The doctors had to put Mathew in a medically induced coma for 27 days, here is the creepy part. When Mathew “died” the first thing he experienced was being shackled at his ankles and wrists suspended over a deep glowing red pit. What made things worse was that there were four-legged demons roaming around in the pit.

To Mathew the worst part of the ordeal was the isolation he experienced, yes, there were other souls being tormented by demons all around him but deep inside he knew that he was down there all alone surrounded by demons for eternity. Just when you think that things can’t get any worse demons started eating his flesh.  The crazy thing is as the demons ate his flesh more flesh grew and the demons continued to consume.

The story has a happy ending; Mathew was pulled out of hell by a gigantic hand that reached through the wall. He also heard a voice saying “it’s not your time” this is just one story, if you search the internet you will find thousands of similar stories, the one thing that is common about these stories is  the feeling of isolation.

You may choose to dismiss these stories as creations of the mind but ask yourself this, what if you are wrong and they are right? Can you imagine an eternity spent in darkness, torture, demons and isolation? The choice is yours; you chose what you want to believe.…

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