Benefits Of Hot Water Heater Replacement Kamloops

Hot water heater replacement Kamloops is one of the ways to save you money on your water and heating costs, improve the value of your home, and improve your overall home life experience. Water heaters are one of the places that many homeowners have blind spots in terms of maintenance as well. Most water heaters are forgotten until they act up, being used well past the point in time where they should be replaced or serviced.

Replacing your hot water heater will generally give you better hot water quality. Older units can accumulate rust and other debris, blocking pipes and giving hard qualities to water. Your skin and hair as well as your dishes and family will thank you for better water quality. Better water quality is also linked to longer-lasting pipes and fewer things like rust stains or excess build-up on showerheads.

New water heaters are better able to hold temperatures, ensuring that every shower, sink of hot water, or a load of wash is just the right temperature. If you love hot baths or showers then a replacement by professionals like Stillwater Team will generally make your life much more pleasant. Water will generally last longer as well, with most new models heating water faster, making it last much longer. No more 5-minute showers because you are afraid the water will turn cold before you finish.

Newer models are also more energy-efficient. Every single year the efficiency ratings for new models go up, and most people find that they actually save money on their energy and water bills when they install a new unit. A new heater is an investment, but savings, in the long run, do balance out the initial outlay in most cases.

Hot water heater replacement Kamloops is a great way to lower the risk of fire or other related failures from your unit. While these are rare occurrences, they do tend to happen more often with older units and the longer you go between replacing or servicing a unit, the more at risk you are for a fire or other issue. Gas units are particularly problematic, but there have been problems over the years with electric units as well.

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A final benefit to replacing your unit is increasing the overall value of your home. While a new unit of course appeals to you personally, if you decide to sell a unit that was installed within the last few years makes a home seem more modern and often raises the price more than it actually costs to install. If you think that you will be moving in the next few years a replacement now could mean the difference between a few thousands in your pocket at the end of the sale.

Overall, most water heaters should be replaced far before they should and most people get used to living with sub-par water that doesn’t really fit their needs. This is one of the easiest appliances to forget about and the one that people are most likely to neglect. Getting a good replacement can change your life, so give us a call today to talk about your options!