The McPherson Tape


The McPherson Tape, this is not a tale of ghosts and demons this is an alien tale that will terrify you to the core, picture this, it is your five-year-old daughter’s birthday, and you are celebrating with your family and friends at home. After a brief period, the electricity goes out.

As the man of the house, you have to go and check what caused the outage, when you look at the fuse box you find that it has burnt out. So you decide to take a friend go outside and find the real culprit, outside you notice that there a sparks coming out of a transformer near your home as you get closer to the transformer you see a bright flash of red lights.

Upon further inspection, you realize that those bright lights are coming from a spacecraft that has landed near the transformer and it has occupants. You try to hide but unfortunately the tall ghostly figures see you. What do you do, like all mammals your first reaction will be to run home for safety, the problem is the terrifying creatures follow you home. That’s when it hits you, now you, your family and guests are in real trouble all you have to protect yourself with is a shotgun.

There is only one thing to do, run, the problem is the car won’t start because the battery has melted. And the aliens have surrounded your home, meaning that you have no option to barricade your home and hope that the creatures leave you alone. Your family is terrified, everyone is talking, and the aliens are attempting to get in. The worst part is, knowing that there is no help coming. You can guess what happens next. The creatures break in and the tape goes black, no one truly knows what happened next.

What makes this tape genuinely scary is the people on camera are genuinely horrified, there is no script and the beings in the tape appear to be real. Oh, there is also the fact that the McPherson family has never been since that incident.

The tape was remade in 1998 by dick Clark productions for the CW network, today finding the full original video is difficult. But you can find sections of it on the internet if you want to see for yourself.

It is easy to dismiss this as just another alien abduction conspiracy. But think about it, there are over one hundred billion, stars in our galaxy alone, meaning that there are lots of planets out there. If you check project “BLUE BOOK” (a US catalog that contains 10,000 UFO and extraterrestrial reports from 1940-1970, you will find that there are events that can’t be explained.

Therefore when you go to bed at night, look out your window and try to think about what might be out there. Now I am not telling you that the video is 100% proof that this family was abducted, you watch the video and make up your mind.