The Paranormal


When it comes to horror the line between fiction and real-life is very thin, look at it from this perspective, bad things happen on the planet some are explainable, and others go unexplained. Here at gray friar, our goal is to make sure that you are updated on what is happening in the paranormal, and in the real world.

You see the thing is demons and ghosts are one thing, but our fellow men commit true horrors. Men who do horrific things that will make you question humanity.

When you read these tales of horror, you will learn the importance of always locking your door and keeping a lookout for things that are “out of the ordinary.”


Most of us believe that there is life after death, but what happens when your spirit doesn’t get to the other side? It remains here, and it can do bad things. Take the Tower of London for example; it is said that the tower is the most haunted place in London. People who go there experience events that border on the paranormal.

Do you know that feeling you get when you are all alone in your home or bed? Sometimes you feel that something or someone is watching you. According to people who study the paranormal, if you wake up in the middle of the night anywhere from twelve to three am, it’s probably because someone or entity was looking at you.

Some say that when a ghost looks at you, you get chills and you wake up. But that just hears say, so there is no need to sleep with the lights on tonight.


Religion tells us that it is good and evil, if you check the bible or any religious book that you may have, you will discover that there are forces out there that you don’t want to mess with.

The difference between ghosts and demons is ghosts are human souls trapped on the planet. Demons, on the other hand, are angels who rebelled against God; they were cast down here for only one purpose, to drag you to hell. So be good.

Love for Horror Stories

Horror stories and mysteries are always so challenging to the human mind. Through exploring the world invisible with our own naked eyes, we somehow feed our unending curiosity. Some think that paranormal activities are just a cause of playful mind or perhaps a delusional phenomenon in our mind that needs checking by a professional psychologist.

All we know is that explorations to the world unknown to humanity also requires a perfect combination of careful scientific and religious strategy. There are yet no explanations for some paranormal experiences which few people have encountered. Not that we are trying to be Ghostbusters here, but we all know that because of our curiosity to the mysteries behind ghost stories, it could also affect our minds.

Regardless of what it can cause emotionally to a person – extreme paranormal experiences might lead to unstable emotional distress, trauma, depression, or stress says Vancouver psychologist Dr. Paul James. That’s the thing that makes everything so excited about unraveling ghost mysteries… it can be dangerous too.

Real-life horrors

We live in one of the most violent times in human history, every day you wake up there is a possibility that you may run into a serial killer, terrorist or very, very bad men. Our role here is to inform you what’s happening out there and to tell you what you can do to keep yourself safe; all that sounds creepy, right? Don’t worry we got you.

Take a deep breath changes your pants if you have to and put on a little smile because we are here to entertain you, scare you and to make you look at the world in different light. Trust me we got you covered, and we are always watching. Oh did I mention aliens?

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