The Paranormal


When it comes to horror the line between fiction and real-life is very thin, look at it from this perspective, bad things happen on the planet some are explainable, and others go unexplained. Here at gray friar, our goal is to make sure that you are updated on what is …

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Lollipop Chainsaw


Lollipop chainsaw, nope that’s not it more like the Texas chainsaw massacre. I’m sure you have heard of that or maybe watched a crappy movie about the events that happened in 1974 if you haven’t you should know that there once was a human skin wearing maniac who cut people …

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The McPherson Tape


The McPherson Tape, this is not a tale of ghosts and demons this is an alien tale that will terrify you to the core, picture this, it is your five-year-old daughter’s birthday, and you are celebrating with your family and friends at home. After a brief period, the electricity goes …

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Anneliese Emily Rose

Emily Rose

Picture this, you are walking down a dimly lit corridor all alone, suddenly a dark figure appears in front of you knocks you to the ground and starts to drag you by your leg towards the dark section of the corridor. You try to scream; your voice doesn’t come out. …

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